Repair, Remodeling, and Installation


Additions are complicated projects. They may require permits, electrical work or plumbing. You should call a professional to ensure the addition is done correctly and with the proper permits.

Appliance Installation

Installing appliances yourself can lead to a host of problems, including voiding warranties, compromising insurance claims, and injury. In fact, some are just illegal to do yourself. Call a trained handyman to put all those concerns to rest.


Assembling is time-consuming and can be dangerous. You want the job done right and the assembly to be safe and sturdy. Don’t go it alone. Call for a professional handyman to get the job done right.

Basement Remodel

Your basement can be an extra living space if you have it finished properly. To avoid water damage, musty smells and a damp feeling call a trained expert to seal and finish your basement.

Bathroom Installation

Installing a bathroom is a complicated project that involves plumbing. Plumbing is always a situation when an expert should be called. Water damage is something to be avoided at all costs. Click here to learn more.

Bathroom Repair

Any and all repairs involving plumbing should be handled by a professional. Water damage can be costly and extensive. Avoid this issue by calling a professional when dealing with plumbing issues. Click here to learn more.

Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom can become one problem after another. Things you never thought could go wrong just might. Call a trained expert to handle the remodel. They will know how to handle anything that might come up. Click here to learn more.

Blind Installation

Naked windows are not the top of interior design and can leave your privacy and possessions vulnerable to the outside world. However, hanging blinds yourself can be tedious and time-consuming, and if they aren’t installed properly they can be an eyesore both in and out of your home. Call an expert handyman and save yourself the worry.

Curtain Installation

Curtains are a personal touch to a home. They speak volumes about the people who live in a home. So pick out what you love and then hire a professional to install them. That way you can move on to the next decorating item on your list.

Closet Remodeling

Who doesn’t want more room in their closet? Adding a shelf or organizational system doesn’t seem complicated till you try it. Having it done professionally ensures that you can get on with your spring organizing quickly and efficiently.


Demolition of any kind is dangerous on many levels. Some demolition projects require certain permits. Demolition is always best left to the professionals. 

Dimmer Switches

Anything involving electricity should be left to a trained expert. If done incorrectly there is always a danger of fire. Leave this to professionals.

Attic Stairs (pull-down)

For a simple matter of safety things like this should never be a DYI project. Not only is it easier to allow a professional handyman to handle this it’s also the safest choice.

Door Installation

Doors are a vital part of our lives and therefore should only be installed by professionals. If you want (or need) it to work right every time call an expert handyman.

A newly installed bathroom

Door Repair

If a repair on a door is needed chances are it’s needed quickly and efficiently. Don’t waste time and money on something that may or may not work. Call an expert and get the job done right the first time.

Drywall Installation

Unless you have arms of steel installing drywall is never fun or easy. It’s a tough job that should be left in the capable hands of licensed professionals who have the tools and know-how to get the job done right.

Drywall Repair

Regardless of why you need your drywall repaired chances are you only want it done once. So call someone who can do it quickly and seamlessly for you. That someone is a home handyman!

Electrical Repair

Do not DIY electricity. The danger to yourself and your family is not worth it. Call a professional handyman so the stress and worry of working with electricity is a thing of the past.

Entertainment Centers

Some of the most expensive electronics in your home sit on your entertainment stand. Be sure it’s strong, sturdy, and secured properly by allowing an expert to set up and install it.

Fan Installation

The last thing you need is a ceiling fan crashing down in the middle of your living room. To save from that repair bill just have it installed professionally. Instant no worry plan.

Fan Repair

Some fans need replaced, not repaired. Do you know the difference? A professional handyman will. Call them and rest easy knowing it was done right.


Garages can be so much more than a place to park your car if so desired. Any additions to your garage should be installed by a trained handyman to ensure they work properly.

Garage Repair

If your garage door needs repair call an expert. Garage doors use springs that can seriously injure or even kill a person if they aren’t installed properly. Don’t take the risk. Call a professional.

Kitchen Installation

The kitchen is the heart of the home so of course, you want it to look amazing. There are 4 things that every person messes upon when doing just their cabinets alone! Save yourself the hassle (and the mistakes) and have a professional handyman take care of your kitchen installation. Click here to learn more.

Kitchen Repair

Whether it’s plumbing, cabinets, drawers, lighting, or something else a handyman can help! A professional handyman has skills in many fields, not just one which makes them the perfect person to do your kitchen repair. You get a plumber, carpenter, and fix it man all in one! Click here to learn more.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is a big undertaking. The floor alone can have so many hidden problems you had no idea were there! A professional will know exactly what to do if encountered with any problem during a kitchen remodel process. Click here to learn more.

Light Fixtures

There are many reasons to add light fixtures to any room. One reason is when the room has more light it is more cheerful and puts you in a better mood. Adding a light fixture can also make spaces feel bigger and cleaner. A trained professional can install light fixtures properly which can also increase your home value!


Locks keep your family and home safe. An expert handyman can help you pick the lock right for your home and properly install it! When it comes to something so important like locks you’ll want it done right. 

Man Cave

A man cave is a very important room for the man of the house. It should be just right and everything should work perfectly. Calling an expert handyman to construct the perfect man cave is the ideal way to have a man cave that is a fabulous addition to your home.

A new chandelier just after being hung

Molding & Trim

Whether you want door and window trim, crown molding, baseboard trim, or chair rail trim. An expert handyman will know the difference and know which one to use for your project! Which will leave your home looking amazing every time! 

Shower Seats

For comfort and safety in the shower, nothing beats a seat in your shower. Bathrooms are the most dangerous room in your home, statistically. Limit the number of possible accidents by having a professional handyman handle these types of projects.

Tub Seats

For comfort and safety in the shower, nothing beats a seat in your tub. Bathrooms are the most dangerous room in your home, statistically. Limit the number of possible accidents by having a professional handle these types of projects.


Sinks are a plumbing issue and all plumbing issues run the risk of water damage. Don’t risk water damage. Call a trained professional. 


Staining can be a messy project and the slightest mistake shows through. Call a professional and your stained surfaces will look, well, professional.

Tile Installation

Tile is the layer of protection between your home and damaging water. Protect your home by having tile professionally installed. A trained handyman can have it installed in no time!

Tile Repair

Tile is the layer of protection between your home and the water. Keep your home safe with properly repaired tile, done by a professional expert.

Water & Smoke Damage

Water and smoke damage can go far beyond what the eye can see as if that wasn’t bad enough. Call a handyman to ensure that all of the damage is properly handled.

Window Installation

When you make the decision to purchase new windows make sure they are installed correctly. Call a professional to handle the installation so you can enjoy your new windows for years to come. 

Window Repair

Cracked or damaged windows are not only an eyesore they can cause problems too. Drafts, insects, or even intruders can get into your home through a damaged window. Call an expert handyman to keep your windows in perfect working order.

Wood Repair

Wood is the skeletal structure of your home and needs to be treated with respect. Call a professional expert to ensure that the wood in your home is solid and dependable- just like a professional.

Wood Rot

Wood rot is so dangerous it can compromise the structural integrity of your home. Sleep easy at night knowing a professional handled this very dangerous issue.

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