Hardscaping Handyman Services

New brick wall
New brick wall

Hardscaping is usually lumped in with landscaping, but they are very different things, as hardscaping is related to all non-living and solid objects within landscaping. In most landscaping jobs, there is a degree of hardscaping involved, and hardscaping is much more difficult to make look nice and is much more physical labor, so hiring a professional is always the way to go.

Concrete Installation

Concrete installation requires many things that you need a license for, and besides the required tools and materials, it is an all-day job. Hire a professional handyman to install concrete for a porch, driveway, or any other reason today!

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair is very similar to concrete installation, requiring the same tools and materials, and nearly the same time and labor. Overall, it is safer and easier to hire a professional to do this for you.


Masonry is a difficult craft to practice, and even more difficult to perfect, so to have your masonry look the best with your landscaping, hire a handyman today!

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can liven up an area outside such as a porch or a patio while giving the warmth you need during cold summer nights or colder fall nights so you can enjoy that time with your friends and family.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Newly installed stairs
Newly installed stairs

An outdoor fire pit can serve the same purpose as an outdoor fireplace while giving the option of more separation from your house, which allows for more people or a better view of a landscape you enjoy. Hire a professional to take care of digging out the plot, laying the rocks, and laying the bricks. 


Pavers can be used as a replacement for concrete, to lay a stone path, or to frame an area and make it look nice. However, pavers take a lot of time to lay correctly, and you have to dig out the area where you plan on laying pavers. Save your time and energy and hire a professional handyman today. 


If you have a sidewalk in need of repair, or you plan on putting a sidewalk somewhere, you need to be prepared for winter, as winter can bring some serious cracks and weathering. Call Home Solutions Handyman today!


Weatherstripping will help protect the inside and outside of your house from bad weather, leaks, water, and more. Call a professional to protect your house!

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