Bathroom Handyman Remodeling Services

Do you have a home that needs some fixing up? Are you looking for someone to fix your bathroom or do other handyman work in the house? If so, then you've come to the right place! We are licensed and insured contractors with years of experience. We can offer all sorts of services from gutting and remodeling bathrooms, installing fixtures, or doing general repairs. Our prices are affordable and my customer satisfaction is high! Give me a call today if you want to start working on your own home project.

Bathroom Door Repair

Think door repair is easy? You should guess again. Having an experienced handyman fix your bathroom door is the way to go. Whether the bathroom door is in the master bedroom, guest room, or half-bath you’ll want the job done right.

Bathroom Lighting

Everyone knows the lighting in your master bathroom MUST be amazing. But did you know having a professional install your bathroom lights is the way to go? Do you really want to be getting ready in a bathroom without professionally installed lights?

Bathroom Shelving

If you think about it, lotion, shampoo, hairspray can add up to a lot of weight. So your bathroom shelves don’t fall you’ll want a registered handyman to install them. The only thing worse than a cluttered master bathroom is a guest bathroom where the shelves fell down.

Bathroom Tile

Unprepared surfaces, grout being uneven, dotting the corners are all issues that can happen with bathroom tile. This is why you want a professional handyman to install your tile. Who wants to have cracks in their tile? No one.

Bathroom Trim

Did you know trim is the only barrier between your bathtub and other unwanted elements? Excess water and grout can all be avoided if you get a professional to install or replace your trim. A handyman can have your bathroom looking great and staying safe in no time!

Fan Installation

Your exhaust fan is a very important part of any of your bathrooms. Not only does it remove moisture and odor but it also reduces fumes from cleaning products. For something that important you want to hire a professional handyman.

Fan Repair

If your exhaust fan breaks you’re leaving yourself open to lots of problems, such as the heavy odor smells or too many fumes from cleaning products. A handyman could come and fix your fan in no time, leaving you happy and safe!

Faucets Installation

Besides the toilet, the sink is the most important thing in the bathroom. If your faucet is installed incorrectly it could get everything wet except your hands. If you call a professional handyman they have all the skills a plumber does at half the price!

Faucets Repair

If you wanna avoid stress when your faucet breaks just call a handyman! Do you know what happens with your faucet breaks? Well if you’re still getting water coming out lots of bad things can happen. Water damage, mold, bugs, and so many other problems. A professional can make all those things go away.

Flooring: Tile, Vinyl

Vinyl might seem easier to work with than tile but if you don’t hire a professional there could be a whole bunch of problems. A handyman can avoid curling, warping, peaking, and so many more!


There are so many steps in painting your bathroom. Did you know that cleaning the walls is a set? Well, a professional handyman knows all the sets! If it’s your guest bathroom or master bathroom you’ll want a professional.


Did you know that Handymen also have plumbing skills? If you call a handyman you can get all your projects done by one company instead of calling a plumber for that. Or a painter for that, etc.

Shower & Tub Seats

A shower seat helps increase safety by decreasing the chance of you falling in a slippery shower or bath. Tub seats are very important to your overall showering safety. Something that important you’ll want to be installed in your bathroom shower or tub by an expert who knows what they’re doing.

Bathroom Sink

If you notice your bathroom sink is having trouble draining it might be time to get a handyman to come look at it. It also might be time to get a new sink. Draining trouble is one of the top ways of knowing if you need a new sink installed by a professional.

Tile Repair

If your tile is broken and you don’t get it fixed not only does it look horrible but it leads to horrible problems. Water damage and mold are only two problems that can happen. A professional handyman must be called to fix the tile as soon as possible to avoid these problems and more.


Vanities are a very important part of the bathroom. The guest room vanity is where all our stuff goes. The vanity in the master bathroom where we get ready in the morning. You’ll want a professional working on your vanities whether you’re upgrading or just starting out.

Wood Repair

Bathroom wood cabinet repair is an important part of keeping your bathroom looking good. Not only do the scratches look bad but it can lead to wood rot or mold. An expert handyman can fix the minor details before they become big problems.

Wood Rot

Wood rot or dry rot is actually fungi. Bathrooms and fungi don’t mix. Wood rot is caused by a number of things but luckily a professional can fix the wood rot in no time. That way you can get back to enjoying your bathroom!

Ceiling Repairs

A handyman can fix your ceiling better than anyone else can! Your ceiling is one of the most important parts of your home. Leaks, cracks, etc are dangerous for so many reasons. A professional can fix them up and keep them fixed.

Light Fixtures

Changing the light fixture in your space will change the whole vibe it gives off. What's more important than your space looking great is that your light actually works. A professional can get your space looking wonderful and bright!


Wallpaper can be rough. The fear of bubbles and blisters or worse seams opening up. If you go with a handyman they’ll take all those fears away.

Water & Smoke Damage

Water damage can lead to bug problems. Smoke damage can lead to health issues if soot makes its way into your body. Don't take the chance. Call an expert to have them come take care of your water and smoke damage.

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